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Our Story


Based in Singapore, my brand is a reflection of my own style: casual and elegant.

I consider myself: Designer, traveler, mother, architect, friend, entrepreneur,…

A creator since a young age, I spend hours in my grandmother's workshop, creating my own models from small pieces of fabric.

À propos du cuir

40 years around the world

An interior designer for 30 years, I find my inspiration for my creations in graphic and refined lines, symmetrical shapes, during my wanderings in the numerous contemporary art museums.

Traveler, because I reinvented my life between East and West.

After my years of interior design, and a collaboration with “la Fée Maraboutée” (women's ready-to-wear) in 2015, I decided to take advantage of this experience and create my own brand. Adventure looms…

For my collections, I choose soft materials, with relief, character and texture. The colors I choose are pigmented, light and as dense as they are complementary in subtlety.



Marie Bizot bags are original by combining different materials, colors, and the MB twist: reversibility.

The majority of bags can be worn inside out. The bags are characterized by their accessibility, their love of careful workmanship, their quality, their minimalism, their refined chic and their timelessness.

Marie Bizot creations are made entirely by hand with passion and intention.

I take you on my travels. I like to explore the world off the beaten track, and that's where I meet artisans, artists, women and men, cultures that move me and make me dream.


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