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These General Conditions of Sale govern the sales of Marie Bizot items on the site: by:

Marie Bizot with its head office located in XXX represented by Marie Claire Bizot, acting in her capacity as manager and duly authorized for the purposes hereof.

The sale of Marie Bizot items from this site is only available in French.

Placing an order implies full acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale which are accessible at any time on the site and in particular at the time of validation of the order. We invite you to print and keep a copy of these General Conditions of Sale for any future reference. Unless proven otherwise, the data recorded by us constitutes proof of the transactions and their date.

The General Conditions of Sale constitute the sole agreement between the parties and take precedence over any other document. They can be modified at any time. The new General Conditions of Sale will be applicable to any order subsequent to their availability on the site.

Orders placed on the site are reserved for individuals and companies “final buyers” other than for their resale. The resale of MarieBizot© items is strictly prohibited to any buyer who sells them on a professional basis.

For any information, questions, advice or order tracking or complaints, our Online Customer Service is at your disposal:

By e-mail:



The website offers a selection of items from the collections from the traditional and new ranges of the Marie Bizot© brand.

1- Online purchase of item(s) from the collection on our website.

Item offers are within the limits of available stocks. Information on item availability is provided at the time the order is placed.



The prices of the items are inclusive of all taxes, excluding transport costs. They are indicated in Euros.




The items offered for sale are those which appear on the site All items offered on site are developed by Marie Bizot through its creator Marie Claire Bizot. Each item is accompanied by a description established by the seller.

The characteristics of the items are detailed as much as possible on the web page of each item and the photographs are as faithful as possible but cannot ensure perfect similarity with the item offered, particularly with regard to the colors. All this allows the buyer to know, before placing the final order, the essential characteristics of the items he is ordering. However, the description and illustrations are in no way contractual in nature.

The ordering process for the buyer who wishes to purchase an item is as follows:

Item selection:

Confirmation of receipt of order and request for complete information for sending the item

Final confirmation of order and shipment


Confirmation of the registered order entails acceptance of these conditions of sale, acknowledgment of having perfect knowledge of them and renunciation of any other conditions.

All data provided when ordering and confirmation thereof constitute proof of the transaction.

Once the order has been placed on the site, the buyer is invited to make payment via the payment mechanism described below in article 5 “payment terms”.

The sale is perfect and final upon receipt by the seller of a valid payment approval which is communicated directly to him by the PayPal debit organization used by the buyer to pay for his order.

Upon receipt by the seller of approval from the debit agency PayPal as to the validity of the payment, the order will be confirmed by sending an email to the email address indicated by the buyer during identification.
Delivery of the item(s) ordered will in any case only take place after effective receipt of payment by the seller and under the conditions set out below in article 7 “shipping and delivery”.

If the issuer does not authorize payment, the seller will not be responsible for the delay or failure to deliver the items.
In the event that the PayPal debit organization refuses to validate the payment, no order will be processed by the seller.

The seller reserves the right to withdraw, at any time, any items from the website.

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